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Save a Girl Child....

Some time ago, when I was a little girl, I used to love my life and felt I was in complete happiness, when suddenly one day this dream broke as I read about people aborting girl child in India. HOW PITY.....  The very essence of creation, the most beautiful creation of GOD , how people of a land which is called spiritual, do this! How can they kill a child before she is born thinking of the consequences they fear. Well what  shocked me was  that in India a GIRL CHILD is considered to be A BURDEN. There are some social problems like dowry ,death rituals , property rights, family name, etc...... The land I knew as spiritual, tolerant in herself had the biggest irony  - the country is HER not HIM, our "motherland" and still people are doubtful about a child so innocent who is not even born, a mixed expression of humour and sadness comes to me when I think of it.