Who am I?

        Who am I?  Somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's girlfriend, somebody's wife,
somebody's mother. But who is the real ME?  Relationships hold me, never letting me know, never letting me understand, never letting me recognize who am I?
               I am a girl, a woman, but is my identity only this? 

There is so much to reveal, so much to share, and so much to find and know. The scriptures say YOU CAN KNOW THE WORLD, BUT THE PERSON WHO CAN KNOW HIMSELF IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND. FOR FINDING THE SELF IS FINDING THE DIVINE (GOD) HIMSELF AND HIS WAYS. Very true, people want to find GOD. Finding or knowing GOD and ourselves is very difficult because we are very  unpredictable  in nature. People say that you can find about someone through his body language but I don't think so. That is circumstantial.
                Knowing myself is to spend time with myself. But days and nights seem to be too short period for that. I have time for worldly matters but for myself none. How ironic! Well, such is LIFE. Buddha got Nirvana in Bodhgaya under a Banyan tree where his soul found the divine, where he came to know the unknown. We fear the unknown,  for we are troubled not with what happens but from the outcome of the happening.
                I am bound with chains unseen. I feel the clutches hard to break, I want to be free,  free of these ghosts. Sometimes I feel Life is just a cycle moving in one direction. Happy moments are behind and sad ones are also moving far, I am moving towards DEATH without knowing why was I here and who I was............
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