What is Love?

LOVE - the four lettered word. A mystery in itself and for some a misery. Those who find true love are fortunate and those who don't are unfortunate. But what is LOVE which is in everybody's list ,the order of which can be anything from Love to money, job,  family, name/fame, happiness, satisfaction and so on.

      But still I wonder, what actually is this LOVE? What I found, I am sharing. What you find can be something different at all!
                  So, what I found was this:
LOVE is the feeling when a gardener sees the bud bloom into a beautiful flower. His hard-work brings
him immense joy.

             LOVE is the feeling when a farmer sees his crops flutter in the breeze.

             LOVE is the feeling when a Peacock dances in the rain.
             LOVE is the feeling when the sun is up in winters to warm the earth .
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU smile at ME and I forget my pain.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU laugh and your laughter makes ME forget my despair.
             LOVE is the feeling when MY kids are happy playing with each other.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU  hug Me when I  cry, YOU  make my sorrow little.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU  gaze at Me, I feel I am beautiful.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU look into My eyes and I find myself in Heaven.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU hold  MY hand , I feel I am ONLY YOURS.
             LOVE is the feeling when YOU hug me tight, I feel I am safe.

             LOVE is the feeling  I  always have when YOU are away but still so close to MY heart.
            I feel YOU in MY breath and in MYSELF.

    For ME, LOVE  is not a  physical expression.
    For ME, LOVE  is beyond touch.
    For ME, LOVE is beyond possession.
    For ME, LOVE is the feeling I have for YOU. It is not an expectation or hope, but a realization that
    I have ONLY YOU on my mind when I think of MY LIFE.

     LOVE is the feeling YOU sometimes have for puppies n kittens and ALSO for GOD whom I LOVE not for any reason but out of the LOVE, I have for HIM............
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