Monday, 9 October 2017

The Slaughter House

Upon the darkened mountain
Rested a little house
Each passer by called it
The slaughter house.

No one lived there
By the nights.
Only spirits untamed
Walking in and out.

By day the sun soaked
The blood pools 
Leaving nothing behind
To doubt.

Nobody knew
who killed whom.
Where does the corpse hide
Only the staunch smell of flesh...

 Flows away...everywhere.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Drapes of Love

 Draping around my waist,
 Your hands straighten up,
                                                              The pleats of my saree

                                                         Around you move in my gaze,
                                                     Fingers play like on strings of a guitar,
                                                      Leaving me slowly in bewilderment...

                                                               Your favourite colour,
                                                                 You did never tell,
                                                  But you eye for that special one always.

                                                         Finally you touch my shoulder,
                                                            Leaving the end at its place.

                                                           It sways away in the breeze,
                                                                 Falling off in grace.

                                                           You eye for another chance,
                                                              To touch the ends again.

                                                     To place it again over my shoulder,
                                                               Holding it around me.

                                                                 Awestruck...I am
                                                                   In your gaze.

                                                                 Draped in Love
                                                       Touched by the meeting gaze.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Does SOUL have a Gender?

Does soul have a gender?
It is the body that takes over...
In each birth
An envelope of visual difference
Eyes see
Skin feels
But what is same?
The deep seas
Holding nothing...
To something...
To everything
Beyond sense of understanding.
If this envelope burns...
How will you see me?
Have you thought ever...
The beautiful or ugly?
It doesn’t matter then.
The usual 
And the extraordinary
Is all same
To the abyss,
Where darkness and light
Melt in the profound.
To sink, to drench
To become free
Of what holds everything
In place, sabotaged...
Does soul have a gender?
To love you as a woman?
Or to love you as a man?
But to love, is it necessary?
For me to be opposite of YOU?
To complete the half that’s not You,
Or to be like You
To repel the love attraction.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Second Chance...

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I never thought that time will fly like this and I would not be able to cherish the moments that I deserve. My little girl is now no more little but has grown into a lady....intelligent, smart and beautiful. But with time, Diana has become so quiet... and I wondered why. Sometimes, you think that your children would tell you all that happen to them...but they don't because they need live their own life.

Falling in love is like a fashion nowadays....and with college going kids, it is sometimes a matter of status.The truth is that this duration destroys much of their scope for studies and a good career.
And falling out of love is equally destroys a healthy mentality and self confidence. and my dear little girl ... she didn't say but ... her eyes said all......her sorrow.

I couldn't get angry on her as I know it would worsen her condition ....she needs a shoulder to just cry out and feel light.And my biggest failure is that I didn't let her understand this hard rule of life that one must go on....

"Love is a be felt but not to be possessed because possession makes it vulnerable.Feelings are free...they dwell in hearts and that is why they are beautiful. We might not understand that attractions do not merely mean anything but in course of time, we go through a pain which is another emotion... a feeling. But the truth is that we are so much occupied by the sadness that we cage this pain in our hearts. And we totally change the meaning of Love.
Leave the right to possess the person you love.... and you shall always be happy to be in love. You might never forget the person because with him/her you had a wonderful time...which cannot be snatched away . It's a moment of peace...a never ending moment of happiness, which brings radiance on your face. The glow of which is so true, that never can anyone make you happy like that."

And then she suddenly turned towards me to ask," Mom... do you love Dad in the same way?"

The minute of silence was like ages for me and my lips struggled to say anything.
 A voice behind me intruded before I could start," Sometimes... broken hearts need a lot of time to heal my dear! And when they do...they are stronger than ever to be broken down because we pick up each shattered them carefully and fix them with pure love.... and give them time and care to heal. Broken pieces may have cracks and stains but they hold stronger....scars are the proof of our struggle but not our failure. Second chances are very difficult but people get stronger . They know the pain endured in the first time. So, second time, the heart is all prepared.
SO.... buckle up!!!This is not the end.....He rejected you....move on...don't stay where you are...but as your mom says- Love is a feeling, not to possess a person but the feeling of being in love. And that is how it should be! "

Her dad said the best words ever to boost her she wiped her cheek and hugged him....a jitty feeling hovered over me and I was caught in his gaze, his muffled voice touched my ears,"You can never forget your first love...the first kiss and the the first drops of rain of the season.."
My breath struggled to get free but my eyes glistened with the petrichor of the first love lost in the crowds of voice finally stripped of its loudness spoke in a husky tone," I regret why it wasn't you?"

" It was always first and last...and I don't regret I wasn't your first because I waited for you... and somehow I was destined to be yours." His words and his warm embrace made me realise that second chance in love is a beautiful thing....the sweetness of love is never is our hearts that do not open and accept it but... I have found peace in the love that I have got and I hope Diana too understands this and....accepts life and love as they are!

(C) Ravinder Kaur